Life happens.
Sometimes when we least expect it
Twists and turns
And there is no going back…
~by Marilyn Hoxie in End the Pain

H ave you ever felt like life has thrown a big wrench in your plans? I’m talking REALLY BIG! Something that was out of your control. It could be something positive (ex: winning the lottery or receiving an unexpected inheritance) or something negative (ex: death of a loved one or job loss). In both of these circumstances you are not expecting them. They create a radical shift in the direction of your life-road. These are the types of bends that are the focus of this website and blog: changes you do NOT choose. They happen TO you (but as we’ll discuss later, we can choose how to respond to those changes).

My big wrench – or  a “bend” in my life-road – was when my health started to deteriorate beginning in 2000. My health decline so much, I had to move away from wonderful people I love, a place I finally called home (after moving 15 times in my life), an academic career that I enjoyed, and much more. It began with a problem in my eye that became multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia, and later diabetes.

The blog will focus on how my turning points  (influenced by my health, mainly, and other events) and my choices have affected my life and who I am. However, I don’t want this website to be solely about me. I would like to use my stories and how I manage as a conversation starter. What I envision is as I share more of my own bends in the road of life, you may want to share your own bends – your turning points. I hope you  include how you manage or are not managing these times.

As I post, I’ll seek resources for us and share them on the Resource page. If you know of websites/books that I should add to this page, please contact me. The blog will include guest bloggers who will discuss one of their own turning points (because there are many bends in life’s road). Eventually, I hope to start a sharing community on Twitter. But that’s for later… :)

I hope this website, this blog, will be ours – and not just mine.


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